Friday, March 26, 2010


Way, way, way back at the beginning of March, we packed up, and headed to southern California. We spent a day at Balboa Island, and 2 days at Disneyland. We had so much fun! If you look closely at these images, you will see the only 2 photos I was in the whole time.
As is tradition, while on Balboa island, we took a stroll and looked at all the tiny multi million dollar homes, checked out the shops, and got Balboa bars, my favorite part!

Disneyland was awesome! It wasn't busy at all, plus we had perfect weather. It's my favorite place ever and for years I've looked forward to the opportunity to take Trent there, then, not only did he come but so did Ila! Ila LOVED the Merry-go-round! We rode a few times in a row and the whole time she had a giant smile on her face.
The first day Ila did great, we had to force her to take naps by blindfolding her... if you've never tried blindfolding your baby when they need to sleep but there are a million things going on around them so they can't, try it. It works great for Ila. Anyways, the second day, she was so pooped! She seriously just sat slumped over in her stroller and we didn't hear a peep out of her all day. Except for when she saw the goats and sheep, she loved petting them! Well, no, she loved ripping their hair (fur?) out. Oh wait, I found another one I'm in! We had to attend this Star Wars show 3 times because my brothers wanted to be picked to go to Jedi training and take on Darth Vadar and red face horn head guy. Obviously I don't watch StarWars too much. Below is Kash with his Jedi Master (I think they call him that?) about to face Darth Vader on the left. And Kash saves the day!! And I've almost forgot to mention the best part of our trip! While everyone was lined up on the sides of Main Street waiting for the parade to start, my little brother Cooper, who's 2, walked out into the road, whipped it out and started peeing. We were laughing so hard!
So who wants to go back with us??

Friday, March 12, 2010

My little Monster

Yesterday was the first time I've ever referred to my baby as a Little Monster.
Every morning she wakes Trent and I up talking in her crib. One of us goes and gets her, puts her in our bed with the other one then goes and makes a bottle. She drinks her bottle then will whisper to herself or crawl all over us for up to a half hour so we can take time to wake up... I know, we're lucky.
Yesterday started off like any other day, but once I got up, if I put Ila down for a second she would start screaming at me... loud, angry screams. Never crying. Just ugly screams at the top of her lungs. It would startle me every time, she was just mad. She didn't want to eat, she didn't really want to play, if I gave her a toy, she would scream at her toy. I noticed she was drooling a lot too, so I thought maybe she was teething. I gave her Tylenol, but it didn't really seem to help. Finally, she seemed to be getting tired, so I laid her down like normal, and of course she screamed at me. And she kept screaming. I went back in (not a single tear on her face) and picked her up and rocked her to sleep, grateful for the silence.
Once she woke up, the rest of the day seemed to follow about the same pattern. Unless we were outside, she was not a very happy camper.
When Trent was home, it was his turn. He called me in because sure enough, he'd discover another tooth. So there was a reason for the madness.
By 6 o'clock, we were glad to put her in bed, even though she usually doesn't go down til 7:30 or 8.
This morning was the same as all mornings, although she woke up at 5. After she had her bottle, she laid herself down across my rib cage and we stared at each other. She would play with my hair, or lovingly stroke my face and neck. I was so happy to have my little princess back.
Since we got out of bed, today is following the same pattern as yesterday. Angry screams. I'm blaming it on the tooth.
I put her down for a nap and came across this blog. I felt sick. My eyes welled up a little and I got to stop reading cause I heard my baby. I'm glad she's awake now and sitting in my lap as I finish typing this even though the yelling at me will resume shortly. She's healthy, and (normally) happy, and that's all that matters.

Monday, March 8, 2010

6 month update

Ila is now almost 7 months old! Here are her stats for her 6 month check up:
Weight 15 lbs 10 oz 25-50%
Height: 27 3/4 inches 97%!!
Head: don't remember cause who cares except that it was in the 50%, so, perfect!
Ila continues to be the perfect baby, since she has now been in our lives nearly 7 months, these are the things we know about her:
  • she sleeps through the night, and if she does wake up puts herself back to sleep.
  • Will eat anything. Even if she makes a funny face at first, she's willing to keep eating until she gets used to it.
  • Will go to anybody... will smile at everybody.
  • Is sitting up and is this close to crawling! She gets onto her hands and knees from her butt and I can just see the wheels turning, trying to figure out how to coordinate her limbs so that they will work together and get her places.
  • Also, she quite possibly could be a genius. When it was time for shots at her appointment, I'm not even kidding you, she recognized the shot lady!! She's only ever seen her at her 4 month and 2 month appointment when it was time for shots. When she walked in, Ila looked at me with a trembling chin, and wouldn't let me put her down, she held onto me like a little monkey! When I set her down, she wouldn't lay back, she was doing the pilates move and started to do her "you hurt my feelings" cry. It was so sad! While she got the shots, she just continued to cry that same cry, right until I picked her up, she buried her little face in my shoulder and held me tight and stopped crying.
  • She's a little actress. She loves fake coughing, fake stretching, fake falling over, and of course fake crying. Anything for a little attention.
  • She loves anything that isn't a toy i.e. remote controls, cell phones, paper, (oh does she love paper!) cords, etc.
  • She love love loves her sippy cup, from the first time she tried it!
  • She loves facial hair, if you rub her hand against your facial hair she laughs so hard!

There is just about a million things I Could say about our sweet girl but you're probably already bored. Here is a small sampling of the gazillion pictures I've taken of her as of late: (I took these the other morning in my bed)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

6 months new

Ila's 6 months old now, actually she's about 6 1/2 months but as you know, I haven't gotten around to blogging lately. Anyway, we just got back from California (we went to Disneyland... yay!) and I gotta post about that too so hopefully you'll hear more from me soon. For right now, here is a sneak peek of Ila's 6 month photoshoot. We started taking pictures for about 10 minutes then she face planted on the tile so we took a break. Then the last 2 weeks she's had a runny nose and I didn't wanna have to photoshop out a red nose and rosy cheeks, and snot. So we'll being finishing those up once it's over. Enjoy.