Friday, March 26, 2010


Way, way, way back at the beginning of March, we packed up, and headed to southern California. We spent a day at Balboa Island, and 2 days at Disneyland. We had so much fun! If you look closely at these images, you will see the only 2 photos I was in the whole time.
As is tradition, while on Balboa island, we took a stroll and looked at all the tiny multi million dollar homes, checked out the shops, and got Balboa bars, my favorite part!

Disneyland was awesome! It wasn't busy at all, plus we had perfect weather. It's my favorite place ever and for years I've looked forward to the opportunity to take Trent there, then, not only did he come but so did Ila! Ila LOVED the Merry-go-round! We rode a few times in a row and the whole time she had a giant smile on her face.
The first day Ila did great, we had to force her to take naps by blindfolding her... if you've never tried blindfolding your baby when they need to sleep but there are a million things going on around them so they can't, try it. It works great for Ila. Anyways, the second day, she was so pooped! She seriously just sat slumped over in her stroller and we didn't hear a peep out of her all day. Except for when she saw the goats and sheep, she loved petting them! Well, no, she loved ripping their hair (fur?) out. Oh wait, I found another one I'm in! We had to attend this Star Wars show 3 times because my brothers wanted to be picked to go to Jedi training and take on Darth Vadar and red face horn head guy. Obviously I don't watch StarWars too much. Below is Kash with his Jedi Master (I think they call him that?) about to face Darth Vader on the left. And Kash saves the day!! And I've almost forgot to mention the best part of our trip! While everyone was lined up on the sides of Main Street waiting for the parade to start, my little brother Cooper, who's 2, walked out into the road, whipped it out and started peeing. We were laughing so hard!
So who wants to go back with us??

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  1. i love the one of ila on the carousel! she's adorable! we can't wait to take our kids to day... :)