Monday, March 8, 2010

6 month update

Ila is now almost 7 months old! Here are her stats for her 6 month check up:
Weight 15 lbs 10 oz 25-50%
Height: 27 3/4 inches 97%!!
Head: don't remember cause who cares except that it was in the 50%, so, perfect!
Ila continues to be the perfect baby, since she has now been in our lives nearly 7 months, these are the things we know about her:
  • she sleeps through the night, and if she does wake up puts herself back to sleep.
  • Will eat anything. Even if she makes a funny face at first, she's willing to keep eating until she gets used to it.
  • Will go to anybody... will smile at everybody.
  • Is sitting up and is this close to crawling! She gets onto her hands and knees from her butt and I can just see the wheels turning, trying to figure out how to coordinate her limbs so that they will work together and get her places.
  • Also, she quite possibly could be a genius. When it was time for shots at her appointment, I'm not even kidding you, she recognized the shot lady!! She's only ever seen her at her 4 month and 2 month appointment when it was time for shots. When she walked in, Ila looked at me with a trembling chin, and wouldn't let me put her down, she held onto me like a little monkey! When I set her down, she wouldn't lay back, she was doing the pilates move and started to do her "you hurt my feelings" cry. It was so sad! While she got the shots, she just continued to cry that same cry, right until I picked her up, she buried her little face in my shoulder and held me tight and stopped crying.
  • She's a little actress. She loves fake coughing, fake stretching, fake falling over, and of course fake crying. Anything for a little attention.
  • She loves anything that isn't a toy i.e. remote controls, cell phones, paper, (oh does she love paper!) cords, etc.
  • She love love loves her sippy cup, from the first time she tried it!
  • She loves facial hair, if you rub her hand against your facial hair she laughs so hard!

There is just about a million things I Could say about our sweet girl but you're probably already bored. Here is a small sampling of the gazillion pictures I've taken of her as of late: (I took these the other morning in my bed)

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