Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey Folks, long time no see.

This morning was so weird. Every once in a while it happens, I can't wake up. In my dream I'm trying so hard to open my eyes and I just can't! It goes on for an hour at least. Do you ever get that where you actually can't wake up? Lucky I have Trent cause he took care of Ila til it was time for her nap and he had to leave for work. Now, Ila has an especially fun day ahead of her since I feel bad for neglecting her.
Remember how I talked about Ila playing in our bed to give us time to wake up? Well... I took way too much advantage of that this morning and now I feel bad. She was whining and crying for my attention and probably thought I was ignoring her, but really I couldn't wake up! Trent eventually gave in. (We have this little thing we do where we see who will give in first when it comes to getting out of bed to take care of Ila... is that bad? we don't let it go on too long... and if Trent has to get up for work of course I take care of her, that's why I don't have a job... and mostly it's only on weekends... and... stop judging me... leave me alone... I feel bad now. Hey, you know what? She woke up at 5:42 this morning. What do you want from me?)

On a lighter note...
Ila's crawling. and has been, for at least a month. That's how long it's been folks, since we talked last I mean. I'm sorry. She also climbs the stairs.
She wants to walk too. She pulls her self to standing on everything, tries to balance with only one hand, then just plops her butt back down when she's ready. Sometimes I picture myself doing that and it seems like it would really hurt!
She has officially entered the stage of I-want-whatever-you-are-eating-and-I-will-scream-at-you-until-you-share.
Yesterday, she started waving her hand and clicking her tongue, not at the same time, just... you know what I mean. Geesh.
Boy, I am on one today.
She is still the happiest baby around. She smiles and will go to anybody that will have her. She still eats anything I give her. She's tried many things that don't come in baby food jars, some good: asparagus, watermelon, strawberries (crap, are babies not supposed to have strawberries?) pretty much anything I stick in one of those socks she can suck on. (I don't give Ila anything out of a baby food jar that's sweet... I don't want her to know that's an option. I think she would eat well anyway but I'm not taking chances.) And, some not so good (these pretty much make my above gameplan irrelevant): cotton candy, various muffins, angel food cake, frosting, whipcream.
Ila has a top tooth now, that dang thing gave her a runny nose for, like, a month and she still seems to have it, I think it's because the other one is coming in soon. Which is why you aren't getting a picture today, I haven't take many cause I don't wanna photoshop out the snot.
I update my photography blog pretty well, sometimes with pictures of Ila so add that one to your reader if you haven't already.
That's all, folks.

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